Kalamata olives come from Kalamon olive trees in southern Greece and get their name from Kalamata, their city of origin. They flourish very well in Western Australia; its tree is distinguished from other olive trees by the color of the fruit in rich aubergin. Kalamata Olives are almond-shaped, with a smooth meaty texture.

Though renowned for their taste as table olives, Kalamata olive oil offers extraordinary natural flavors of unparalleled quality. Prepare yourself as we offer you a powerful essence that tastes nothing close to commercial olive oils in your local market. We’d like to hail Kalamata as the king of the olives as they are higher in health-promoting phenols and antioxidant activity than the green varieties.

Authentic Kalamatas, not the color-dyed olives, are not hugely commercialized as they are the only olive trees that begin as grafted plants; nurseries aren't able to factory-produce them in great numbers. This propagation method is more expensive with a 2-3 year waiting period before we could analyze the results.

We personally pay close attention to our Kalamata trees as propagation and care is different thus requiring more time and dedication. We guarantee that every drop and every bite of this luxurious variety will ascend your taste to the next level of satisfaction.

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